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§ 90‑523. Definitions.

The following definitions apply in this Article:

(1)        Athletes.– Members of sports teams, including professional,amateur, and school teams; or participants in sports or recreationalactivities, including training and practice activities, that require strength,agility, flexibility, range of motion, speed, or stamina.

(2)        Athletic trainer. – A person who, under a written protocolwith a physician licensed under Article 1 of Chapter 90 of the General Statutesand filed with the North Carolina Medical Board, carries out the practice ofcare, prevention, and rehabilitation of injuries incurred by athletes, and who,in carrying out these functions, may use physical modalities, including heat,light, sound, cold, electricity, or mechanical devices related torehabilitation and treatment. A committee composed of two members of the NorthCarolina Medical Board and two members of the North Carolina Board of AthleticTrainer Examiners shall jointly define by rule the content, format, and minimumrequirements for the written protocol required by this subdivision. The membersshall be selected by their respective boards. The decision of this committeeshall be binding on both Boards unless changed by mutual agreement of bothBoards.

(3)        Board. – The North Carolina Board of Athletic TrainerExaminers as created by G.S. 90‑524.

(4)        License. – A certificate that evidences approval by theBoard that a person has successfully completed the requirements set forth inG.S. 90‑528 entitling the person to perform the functions and duties ofan athletic trainer. (1997‑387, s. 1.)