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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 90‑530.  Athletictrainers not certified.

(a)        A person who has been actively engaged as an athletictrainer since August 1, 1994, and who continues to practice up to the time ofapplication, shall be eligible for licensure without examination by paying therequired fee and by demonstrating the following:

(1)        Proof of good moral character.

(2)        Proof of practice in this State since August 1, 1994.

(3)        Proof of graduation from an accredited four‑yearcollege or university in a course of study approved by the Board.

(4)        Fulfillment of any other requirements set by the Board.

An application made pursuant to this section shall be filed with theBoard on or before August 1, 1998.

(b)        A person is "actively engaged" as an athletictrainer if the person is a salaried employee of, or has contracted with, aneducational institution, an industry, a hospital, a rehabilitation clinic, or aprofessional athletic organization or another bona fide athletic organizationand the person performs the duties of an athletic trainer. (1997‑387, s. 1.)