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§ 90‑533. Continuing education.

(a)        As a condition of license renewal, a licensee must meet thecontinuing education requirements set by the Board.  The Board shall determinethe number of hours and subject matter of continuing education required as acondition of license renewal.  The Board shall determine the qualifications ofa provider of an educational program that satisfies the continuing educationrequirement.

(b)        The Board shall grant approval to a continuing educationprogram or course upon finding that the program or course offers an educationalexperience designed to enhance the practice of athletic trainer, including thecontinuing education program of the National Athletic Trainers' Association.

(c)        If a continuing education program offers to teach licenseesto perform advanced skills, the Board may grant approval for the program whenit finds that the nature of the procedure taught in the program and the programfacilities and faculty are such that a licensee fully completing the programcan reasonably be expected to carry out those procedures safely and properly. (1997‑387, s. 1.)