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§ 90‑5.1.  Powers andduties of the Board.

(a)        The Board shall:

(1)        Administer thisArticle.

(2)        Issueinterpretations of this Article.

(3)        Adopt, amend, orrepeal rules as may be necessary to carry out and enforce the provisions ofthis Article.

(4)        Require an applicantor licensee to submit to the Board evidence of the applicant's or licensee'scontinuing competence in the practice of medicine.

(5)        Regulate theretention and disposition of medical records, whether in the possession of alicensee or nonlicensee. In the case of the death of a licensee, the rules mayprovide for the disposition of the medical records by the estate of thelicensee. This subsection shall not apply to records created or maintained bypersons licensed under other Articles of this Chapter or to medical recordsmaintained in the normal course of business by licensed health careinstitutions.

(6)        Appoint a temporaryor permanent custodian for medical records abandoned by a licensee.

(7)        Develop educationalprograms to facilitate licensee awareness of provisions contained in thisArticle and public awareness of the role and function of the Board.

(8)        Develop andimplement methods to identify dyscompetent physicians and physicians who failto meet acceptable standards of care.

(9)        Develop andimplement methods to assess and improve physician practice.

(10)      Develop and implementmethods to ensure the ongoing competence of licensees.

(b)        Nothing insubsection (a) of this section shall restrict or otherwise limit powers andduties conferred on the Board in other sections of this Article. (2007‑346, s. 5.)