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§ 90‑604.  Use ofbody information tags.

(a)        In order to provide the identifying information necessary tofacilitate organ and tissue transplants, a body information tag shall beattached to or transmitted with the body of an accident‑trauma victim bythe following persons:

(1)        A law enforcement officer, firefighter, paramedic, or otherofficial emergency rescuer who believes the seriously injured individual to benear death; and

(2)        Hospital personnel, after the individual has been pronounceddead.

(b)        The body information tag shall include informationidentifying the accident‑trauma victim, identifying whether theindividual is an organ donor, and providing any information on the next of kin.The Division of Motor Vehicles shall be responsible for producing anddistributing body information tags to all State and local law enforcementdepartments. In addition, the tags shall be distributed by the Division ofMotor Vehicles to all State and local agencies employing firefighters,paramedics, and other emergency and rescue personnel. (1997‑443, s. 20.12(b).)