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§ 90‑626.  Powers andduties.

The Board shall have thefollowing powers and duties:

(1)        Represent thediversity within the profession at all times when making decisions and staycurrent and informed regarding the various branches of massage and bodywork therapypractice.

(2)        Evaluate thequalifications of applicants for licensure under this Article.

(3)        Issue, renew, deny,suspend, or revoke licenses under this Article.

(4)        Reprimand orotherwise discipline licensees under this Article.

(5)        Conduct investigationsto determine whether violations of this Article exist or constitute grounds fordisciplinary action against licensees under this Article.

(5a)      Approve and regulatemassage and bodywork schools, not otherwise exempt from the requirements ofBoard approval, by formulating the criteria and standards for approval ofmassage and bodywork schools, investigating massage and bodywork schoolsapplying for approval, issuing approvals to massage and bodywork schools thatmeet the standards established by the Board, providing periodic inspections ofapproved massage and bodywork schools, and requiring periodic reports ofapproved massage and bodywork schools.

(6)        Conductadministrative hearings in accordance with Chapter 150B of the General Statuteswhen a contested case, as defined in G.S. 150B‑2(2), arises under thisArticle.

(7)        Employ professional,clerical, or other special personnel necessary to carry out the provisions ofthis Article and purchase or rent necessary office space, equipment, andsupplies.

(8)        Pursuant to themaximum amounts set by this Article and other specific authority authorizingfees, establish reasonable fees for applications for examination, certificatesof licensure and renewal, approval of massage and bodywork therapy schools, andother services provided by the Board.

(9)        Adopt, amend, orrepeal any rules necessary to carry out the purposes of this Article and theduties and responsibilities of the Board, including rules related to theapproval of massage and bodywork therapy schools, continuing educationproviders, examinations for licensure, the practice of advanced techniques orspecialties, and massage and bodywork therapy establishments. Any rules adoptedor amended shall take into account the educational standards of national bodyworkand massage therapy associations and professional organizations.

(10)      Appoint from its ownmembership one or more members to act as representatives of the Board at anymeeting where such representation is deemed desirable.

(11)      Maintain a record ofall proceedings and make available to certificate holders and other concernedparties an annual report of the Board.

(12)      Adopt a sealcontaining the name of the Board for use on all certificates and officialreports issued by it.

(13)      Provide a system forgrievances to be presented and resolved.

(14)      Assess civilpenalties pursuant to G.S. 90‑634.1.

(15)      Assess the costs ofdisciplinary actions pursuant to G.S. 90‑634.1(d).

The powers and duties set out inthis section are granted for the purpose of enabling the Board to safeguard thepublic health, safety, and welfare against unqualified or incompetentpractitioners and are to be liberally construed to accomplish this objective.  (1998‑230, s. 10; 2003‑348,s. 3; 2008‑224, ss. 6, 7.)