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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 90‑629.  Requirementsfor licensure.

Upon application to the Boardand the payment of the required fees, an applicant may be licensed as a massageand bodywork therapist if the applicant meets all of the followingqualifications:

(1)        Has obtained a high schooldiploma or equivalent.

(2)        Is 18 years of ageor older.

(3)        Is of good moralcharacter as determined by the Board.

(4)        Has successfullycompleted a training program consisting of a minimum of 500 in‑classhours of supervised instruction at a Board‑approved school.

(5)        Has passed acompetency assessment examination that meets generally accepted psychometricprinciples and standards and is approved by the Board.

(6)        Has submittedfingerprint cards in a form acceptable to the Board at the time the licenseapplication is filed and consented to a criminal history record check by theNorth Carolina Department of Justice.  (1998‑230, s. 10; 2008‑224, s. 9.)