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§ 90‑631.2.  Authorityto establish fees for massage and bodywork therapy school approval.

(a)        The Board shallestablish a schedule of fees for approvals and renewals granted and forinspections performed pursuant to this Article. The fees collected under thissection are intended to cover the administrative costs of the approvalprograms. No fee for application approval or renewal of approval shall berefunded in the event the application is rejected or the approval suspended orrevoked.

(b)        Fees for Boardapproval of schools are as follows:

(1)     Requestfor Application Approval Package                                             $20.00

(2)     Initialapplication for approval (one program)                                       2,000.00

(3)     Initialapplication for approval of additional

programs (same location)                                                                      750.00

(4)     Inspectionfor initial approval or renewal (one program)                       1,500.00

(5)     Inspectionfor initial approval or renewal of additional

programs (same location)                                                                      500.00

(6)     Renewalof approval (one program)                                                     1,000.00

(7)     Renewalof approval (each additional program)                                       750.00

(c)        Renewal inspectionsshall not occur more frequently than every three years, unless necessary.

(d)        A school that isrequired to have more than one inspection in a fiscal year in order toinvestigate or verify areas of noncompliance with the standards for school approvalshall pay a fee of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500) for eachadditional inspection.  (2008‑224, s. 15.)