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§ 90‑633.  Disciplinaryaction.

(a)        The Board may deny,suspend, revoke, or refuse to license a massage and bodywork therapist orapplicant for any of the following:

(1)        The employment offraud, deceit, or misrepresentation in obtaining or attempting to obtain alicense or the renewal of a license.

(2)        The use of drugs orintoxicating liquors to an extent that affects professional competency.

(3)        Conviction of anoffense under any municipal, State, or federal narcotic or controlled substancelaw.

(4)        Conviction of afelony or other public offense involving moral turpitude.

(5)        An adjudication ofinsanity or incompetency.

(6)        Engaging in any actor practice in violation of any of the provisions of this Article or of any ofthe rules adopted by the Board, or aiding, abetting, or assisting any otherperson in the violation of these provisions or rules. For purposes of thissubdivision, the phrase "aiding, abetting, or assisting any otherperson" does not include acts intended to inform the individual who is notin compliance with this Article of the steps necessary to comply with thisArticle or any rules adopted by the Board.

(7)        The commission of anact of malpractice, gross negligence, or incompetency.

(8)        Practice as alicensee under this Article without a valid certificate or renewal.

(9)        Engaging in conductthat could result in harm or injury to the public.

(10)      The employment offraud, deceit, or misrepresentation when communicating with the general public,health care professionals, or other business professionals.

(11)      Falsely holding outhimself or herself as licensed or certified in any discipline of massage andbodywork therapy without successfully completing training approved by the Boardin that specialty.

(12)      The application ofsystems of activity by a massage and bodywork therapist during the course oftherapy with the intent of providing sexual stimulation or otherwise pursuingsexual contact.

(b)        The Board mayreinstate a revoked license, revoke censure or other judgment, or remove otherlicensure restrictions if the Board finds that the reasons for revocation,censure, or other judgment or other licensure restrictions no longer exist andthe massage and bodywork therapist or applicant can reasonably be expected tosafely and properly practice as a massage and bodywork therapist.  (1998‑230, s. 10; 2008‑224,s. 17.)