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§ 90‑660.  Expenses;fees.

(a)        All salaries,compensation, and expenses incurred or allowed for carrying out the purposes ofthis Article shall be paid by the Board exclusively out of the fees received bythe Board as authorized by this Article or funds received from other sources.In no case shall any salary, expense, or other obligations of the Board becharged against the State.

(b)        All monies receivedby the Board pursuant to this Article shall be deposited in an account for theBoard and shall be used for the administration and implementation of thisArticle. The Board shall establish fees in amounts to cover the cost ofservices rendered for the following purposes:

(1)        For an initialapplication, a fee not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00).

(2)        For examination orreexamination, a fee not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00).

(3)        For issuance of anylicense, a fee not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).

(4)        For the renewal ofany license, a fee not to exceed seventy‑five dollars ($75.00).

(5)        For the late renewalof any license, an additional late fee not to exceed seventy‑five dollars($75.00).

(6)        For a license with aprovisional or temporary endorsement, a fee not to exceed fifty dollars($50.00).

(7)        For copies of rulesadopted pursuant to this Article and licensure standards, charges not exceedingthe actual cost of printing and mailing.

(8)        For officialverification of licensure status, a fee not to exceed twenty dollars ($20.00).

(9)        For approval ofcontinuing education programs, a fee not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars($150.00). (2000‑162,s. 1; 2001‑455, s. 7; 2003‑384, s. 6; 2007‑418, s. 1.)