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§ 90‑664.  Personsand practices not affected.

The requirements of this Article shall not apply to:

(1)        Any person registered, certified, credentialed, or licensedto engage in another profession or occupation or any person working under thesupervision of a person registered, certified, credentialed, or licensed toengage in another profession or occupation in this State who is performing workincidental to or within the practice of that profession or occupation and doesnot represent himself or herself as a respiratory care practitioner.

(2)        A student or trainee working under the direct supervision ofa respiratory care practitioner while fulfilling an experience requirement orpursuing a course of study to meet requirements for licensure in accordance withrules adopted pursuant to this Article.

(3)        A respiratory care practitioner serving in the armed forcesor the Public Health Service of the United States or employed by the VeteransAdministration when performing duties associated with that service or employment.

(4)        A person who performs only support activities as defined inG.S. 90‑648(13). (2000‑162, s. 1.)