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Article 42.

Polysomnography PracticeAct.

§ 90‑721.  Definitions.

The following definitionsapply in this Article:

(1)        Board. – The Boardof Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT), a member of the NationalOrganization of Certification Associations and accredited by the NationalCommission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the accreditation body of theNational Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA).

(2)        Direct supervision.– An act whereby a registered polysomnographic technologist who is providingsupervision is present in the area where the polysomnographic procedure isbeing performed and immediately available to furnish assistance and directionthroughout the performance of the procedure.

(3)        General supervision.– The authority and responsibility to direct the performance of activities asestablished by policies and procedures for safe and appropriate completion ofpolysomnography services whereby the physical presence of a licensed physicianis not required during the performance of the polysomnographic procedure, butthe licensed physician must be available for assistance, if needed.

(4)        Licensed physician.– A physician licensed to practice medicine under Article 1 of Chapter 90 ofthe General Statutes.

(5)        Medical Board. – TheNorth Carolina Medical Board established under G.S. 90‑2.

(6)        Polysomnography. – Theallied health specialty involving the process of attended and unattendedmonitoring, analysis, and recording of physiological data during sleep andwakefulness to assist in the assessment of sleep and wake disorders and othersleep disorders, syndromes, and dysfunctions that are sleep‑related,manifest during sleep, or disrupt normal sleep and wake cycles and activities.

(7)        Registeredpolysomnographic technologist. – A person who is credentialed by the Board as a"Registered Polysomnographic Technologist" (RPSGT).

(8)        Student. – A personwho is enrolled in a polysomnography educational program approved by the Boardas an acceptable pathway to meet eligibility requirements for credentialing.  (2009‑434, s. 1.)