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§ 90‑85.15A.  Pharmacy technicians.

(a)        Registration. – A registration program for pharmacytechnicians is established for the purposes of identifying those persons whoare employed as pharmacy technicians. The Board must maintain a registry ofpharmacy technicians that contains the name of each pharmacy technician, thename and location of the pharmacy in which the pharmacy technician works, thepharmacist‑manager who employs the pharmacy technician, and the dates ofthat employment. The Board must register a pharmacy technician who pays the feerequired under G.S. 90‑85.24 and completes a required training program. Apharmacy technician must register with the Board within 30 days after the datethe pharmacy technician completes a training program conducted by the pharmacytechnician's pharmacist‑manager. The registration must be renewedannually by paying a registration fee.

(b)        Responsibilities of Pharmacist‑Manager. – A pharmacist‑managermay hire a person who has a high school diploma or equivalent or is currentlyenrolled in a program that awards a high school diploma or equivalent to workas a pharmacy technician. Pursuant to G.S. 90‑85.21, a pharmacist‑managermust notify the Board within 30 days of the date the pharmacy technician beganemployment. The pharmacist‑manager must provide a training program for apharmacy technician that includes pharmacy terminology, pharmacy calculations,dispensing systems and labeling requirements, pharmacy laws and regulations,record keeping and documentation, and the proper handling and storage ofmedications. The requirements of a training program may differ depending uponthe type of employment. The training program must be provided and completedwithin 180 days of the date the pharmacy technician began employment unless thepharmacy technician is registered with the Board. If the pharmacy technician isregistered with the Board, then the completion of the training program isoptional at the discretion of the pharmacist‑manager.

(c)        Supervision. – A pharmacist may not supervise more than twopharmacy technicians unless the pharmacist‑manager receives writtenapproval from the Board. The Board may not allow a pharmacist to supervise morethan two pharmacy technicians unless the additional pharmacy technicians havepassed a nationally recognized pharmacy technician certification board exam, orits equivalent, that has been approved by the Board. The Board must respond toa request from a pharmacist‑manager to allow a pharmacist to supervisemore than two pharmacy technicians within 60 days of the date it received therequest. The Board must respond to the request in one of three ways:

(1)        Approval of the request.

(2)        Approval of the request as amended by the Board.

(3)        Disapproval of the request. A disapproval of a request mustinclude a reasonable explanation of why the request was not approved.

(d)        Disciplinary Action. – The Board may, in accordance withChapter 150B of the General Statutes and rules adopted by the Board, issue aletter of reprimand or suspend, restrict, revoke, or refuse to grant or renewthe registration of a pharmacy technician if the pharmacy technician has doneone or more of the following:

(1)        Made false representations or withheld material informationin connection with registering as a pharmacy technician.

(2)        Been found guilty of or plead guilty or nolo contendere to afelony involving the use or distribution of drugs.

(3)        Indulged in the use of drugs to an extent that it rendersthe pharmacy technician unfit to assist a pharmacist in preparing anddispensing prescription medications.

(4)        Developed a physical or mental disability that renders thepharmacy technician unfit to assist a pharmacist in preparing and dispensingprescription medications.

(5)        Willfully violated any provision of this Article or rulesadopted by the Board governing pharmacy technicians.

(e)        Exemption. – This section does not apply to pharmacystudents who are enrolled in a school of pharmacy approved by the Board underG.S. 90‑85.13.

(f)         Rule‑Making Authority. – The Board may adopt rulesnecessary to implement this section. (2001–375, s. 2.)