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State Codes and Statutes

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Article 5.

Certification of On‑SiteWastewater Contractors and Inspectors.

§ 90A‑70.  Purpose.

It is the purpose of thisArticle to protect the environment and public health, safety, and welfare byensuring the integrity and competence of on‑site wastewater contractorsand inspectors; to require the examination of on‑site wastewatercontractors and inspectors and the certification of their competency tosupervise or conduct the construction, installation, repair, or inspection ofon‑site wastewater systems; to establish minimum standards for ethicalconduct, responsibility, training, experience, and continuing education for on‑sitewastewater system contractors and inspectors; and to provide appropriateenforcement procedures for rules adopted by the North Carolina On‑SiteWastewater Contractors and Inspectors Certification Board. (2006‑82, s. 1.)