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§ 90A‑72.  Certificationrequired; applicability.

(a)        CertificationRequired. – No person shall construct, install, or repair or offer toconstruct, install, or repair an on‑site wastewater system in the Statewithout being certified as a contractor at the required level of certificationfor the specified system. No person shall conduct an inspection or offer toconduct an inspection of an on‑site wastewater system without beingcertified as an inspector at the required level of certification for the specifiedsystem.

(b)        Applicability. – ThisArticle does not apply to the following:

(1)        A person who isemployed by, or performs labor and services for, a certified contractor orinspector in connection with the construction, installation, repair, orinspection of an on‑site wastewater system performed under the direct andpersonal supervision of the certified contractor or inspector.

(2)        A person whoconstructs, installs, or repairs an on‑site wastewater system describedas a single septic tank with a gravity‑fed distribution system whenlocated on land owned by that person and that is intended solely for use bythat person and members of that person's immediate family.

(3)        A person licensedunder Article 1 of Chapter 87 of the General Statutes who constructs orinstalls an on‑site wastewater system ancillary to the building beingconstructed.

(4)        A person who iscertified by the Water Pollution Control System Operators CertificationCommission and contracted to provide necessary operation and maintenance on thepermitted on‑site wastewater system.

(5)        A person permittedunder Article 21 of Chapter 143 of the General Statutes who is constructing awater pollution control facility necessary to comply with the terms andconditions of a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

(6)        A person licensedunder Article 1 of Chapter 87 of the General Statutes as a licensed publicutilities contractor who is installing or expanding a wastewater treatmentfacility, including a collection system, designed by a registered professionalengineer.

(7)        A plumbingcontractor licensed under Article 2 of Chapter 87 of the General Statutes, solong as the plumber is not performing plumbing work that includes theinstallation or repair of a septic tank or similar depository, or lines orappurtenances downstream from the point where the house or building sewer linesfrom the plumbing system meet the septic tank or similar depository. (2006‑82, s. 1.)