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§ 90A‑75.  Expenses andfees.

(a)        Expenses. – Allsalaries, compensation, and expenses incurred or allowed for the purposes ofcarrying out this Article shall be paid by the Board exclusively out of thefunds received by the Board as authorized by this Article. No salary, expense,or other obligations of the Board may be charged against the General Fund ofthe State. Neither the Board nor any of its members or employees may incur anyexpense, debt, or financial obligation binding upon the State.

(b)        Contributions. – TheBoard may accept grants, contributions, bequests, and gifts that shall be keptin the same account as the funds deposited in accordance with this Article andother provisions of the law.

(c)        Fees. – All feesshall be established in rules adopted by the Board. The Board shall establishfees sufficient to pay the costs of administering this Article, but in no eventshall the Board charge a fee at an annual rate in excess of the following:

(1)        Application forbasic certification $150.00

(2)        Application for eachgrade level $50.00

(3)        Certificationrenewal $100.00

(4)        Reinstatement ofrevoked or suspended


(5)        Application for on‑sitewastewater

systeminspector $200.00.

(d)        Audit. – The Boardis subject to the oversight of the State Auditor under Article 5A of Chapter147 of the General Statutes. (2006‑82, s. 1.)