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§ 93A‑4.3.  Eliminationof salesperson license; conversion of salesperson licenses to broker licenses.

(a)        Effective April 1,2006, the Commission shall discontinue issuing real estate salespersonlicenses. Also effective April 1, 2006, all salesperson licenses shall becomebroker licenses, and each person holding a broker license that was changed fromsalesperson to broker on that date shall be classified as a provisional brokeras defined in G.S. 93A‑2(a2).

(b)        A provisionalbroker as contemplated in subsection (a) of this section who was issued asalesperson license prior to October 1, 2005, shall, not later than April 1,2008, complete a broker transition course prescribed by the Commission, not toexceed 24 classroom hours of instruction, or shall demonstrate to theCommission that he or she possesses four years' full‑time real estatebrokerage experience or equivalent part‑time real estate brokerageexperience within the previous six years. If the provisional broker satisfiesthis requirement by April 1, 2008, the provisional status of his or her brokerlicense will be terminated, and the broker will not be required to complete the90‑classroom‑hour broker postlicensing education program prescribedby G.S. 93A‑4(a1). If the provisional broker fails to satisfy thisrequirement by April 1, 2008, his or her license will be placed on inactivestatus, if not already on inactive status, and he or she must complete the 90‑classroom‑hourbroker postlicensing education program prescribed by G.S. 93A‑4(a1) inorder to terminate the provisional status of the broker license and to beeligible to return his or her license to active status.

(c)        An approved schoolor sponsor shall pay a fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per licensee to theCommission for each licensee completing a broker transition course conducted bythe school or sponsor, provided that these fees shall not be charged to acommunity college, junior college, college, or university located in this Stateand accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

(d)        A provisionalbroker as contemplated in subsection (a) of this section, who was issued asalesperson license between October 1, 2005, and March 31, 2006, shall, notlater than April 1, 2009, satisfy the requirements of G.S. 93A‑4(a1).Upon satisfaction of the requirements of G.S. 93A‑4(a1), the provisionalstatus of the broker's license will be terminated. If the provisional brokerfails to satisfy the requirements of G.S. 93A‑4(a1) by April 1, 2009, thebroker's license shall be cancelled, and the person will be subject to therequirements for licensure reinstatement prescribed by G.S. 93A‑4(a1).

(e)        A broker who wasissued a broker license prior to April 1, 2006, shall not be required tocomplete either the 90‑classroom‑hour broker postlicensingeducation program prescribed by G.S. 93A‑4(a1) or the broker transitioncourse prescribed by subsection (b) of this section.

(f)         For the purpose ofdetermining a licensee's status, rights, and obligations under this section,the Commission may treat a person who is issued a license on or after theOctober 1, 2005, or April 1, 2006, dates cited in subsections (a), (b), (d), or(e) of this section as though the person had been issued a license prior tothose dates if the only reason the person's license was not issued prior tothose dates was that the person's application was pending a determination bythe Commission as to whether the applicant possessed the requisite moralcharacter for licensure. If a license application is pending on April 1, 2006,for any reason other than a determination by the Commission as to theapplicant's moral character for licensure, and if the applicant has notsatisfied all education and examination requirements for licensing in effect onApril 1, 2006, the applicant's application shall be cancelled and theapplication fee refunded.

(g)        No applications fora real estate salesperson license shall be accepted by the Commission betweenSeptember 1, 2005, and September 30, 2005. (2005‑395, s. 7.)