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§93B‑12.  Information from licensing boards having authority over healthcare providers.

(a)        Every occupationallicensing board having authority to license physicians, physician assistants,nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives in this State shall modify proceduresfor license renewal to include the collection of information specified in thissection for each board's regular renewal cycle. The purpose of this requirementis to assist the State in tracking the availability of health care providers todetermine which areas in the State suffer from inequitable access to specifictypes of health services and to anticipate future health care shortages whichmight adversely affect the citizens of this State. Occupational licensingboards shall collect, report, and update the following information:

(1)        Area of health carespecialty practice;

(2)        Address of alllocations where the licensee practices; and

(3)        Other informationthe occupational licensing board deems relevant to assisting the State inachieving the purpose set out in this section, including social securitynumbers for research purposes only in matching other data sources.

(b)        Every occupationallicensing board required to collect information pursuant to subsection (a) ofthis section shall report and update the information on an annual basis to theDepartment of Health and Human Services. The Department shall provide thisinformation to programs preparing primary care physicians, physiciansassistants, and nurse practitioners upon request by the program and by theBoard of Governors of The University of North Carolina. Information provided bythe occupational licensing board pursuant to this subsection may be provided insuch form as to omit the identity of the health care licensee. (1995,c. 507, s. 23A.4; 1996, 2nd Ex. Sess., c. 17, s. 16.4; 1997‑443, s.11A.118(a).)