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Chapter 99C.

Actions Relating to WinterSports Safety and Accidents.

§ 99C‑1.  Definitions.

When used in this Chapter,unless the context otherwise requires:

(1)        Competitor. – Askier actually engaged in competition or in practice therefor with the permissionof the ski area operator on any slope or trail or portion thereof designated bythe ski area operator for the purpose of competition.

(1a)      Freestyle terrain. – Constructedand natural features in ski areas intended for winter sports including, but notlimited to, terrain parks and terrain park features such as jumps, rails, funboxes, half‑pipes, quarter‑pipes, and freestyle‑bump terrain.

(2)        Passenger. – Anyperson who is being transported or is awaiting transportation, or beingconveyed on a passenger tramway or is moving from the disembarkation point of apassenger tramway or is in the act of embarking upon or disembarking from apassenger tramway.

(3)        Passenger tramway. –Any device used to transport passengers uphill on skis or other winter sports devices,or in cars on tracks, or suspended in the air, by the use of steel cables,chains, belts or ropes. Such definition shall include such devices as a chairlift, J Bar, or platter pull, rope tow, and wire tow.

(4)        Ski area. – Allwinter sports slopes, alpine and Nordic ski trails, freestyle terrain andpassenger tramways, that are administered or operated as a ski area enterprisewithin this State.

(5)        Ski area operator. –A person, corporation, or organization that is responsible for the safeoperation and maintenance of the ski area.

(6)        Skier. – Any personwho is wearing skis or other winter sports devices or any person who for thepurpose of skiing or other winter sports is on a designated and clearly markedwinter sports slope,  alpine or Nordic ski trail or freestyle terrain that islocated at a ski area, or any person who is a passenger or spectator at a skiarea.

(7)        Winter sports. – Anyuse of skis, snowboards, snowshoes, or any other device for skiing, sliding,jumping, or traveling on snow or ice.  (1981, c. 939, s. 1; 2009‑353, s. 1.)