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Chapter 419B — JuvenileCode: Dependency











419B.005  Definitions


419B.007  Policy


419B.010  Dutyof officials to report child abuse; exceptions; penalty


419B.015  Reportform and content; notice


419B.017  Timelimits for notification between law enforcement agencies and Department ofHuman Services; rules


419B.020  Dutyof department or law enforcement agency receiving report; investigation; noticeto parents; physical examination; child’s consent; notice at conclusion ofinvestigation


419B.022  Shorttitle


419B.023  Dutiesof person conducting investigation under ORS 419B.020


419B.024  CriticalIncident Response Team for child fatality; rules


419B.025  Immunityof person making report in good faith


419B.028  Photographingchild during investigation; photographs as records


419B.030  Centralregistry of reports


419B.035  Confidentialityof records; when available to others


419B.040  Certainprivileges not grounds for excluding evidence in court proceedings on childabuse


419B.045  Investigationconducted on public school premises; notification; role of school personnel


419B.050  Authorityof health care provider to disclose information; immunity from liability






419B.090  Juvenilecourt; jurisdiction; policy


419B.100  Jurisdiction;bases; Indian children


419B.110  Emergencymedical care; court may authorize


419B.116  Intervention;caregiver relationship; rights of limited participation


419B.117  Noticeto parents or guardian of child; when given; contents


419B.118  Venue


419B.121  Returnof runaway children to another state


419B.124  Transferto juvenile court from another court


419B.127  Transferto court of county of child or ward’s residence


419B.130  Delegationof jurisdiction by county of residence


419B.132  Delegationof jurisdiction among county juvenile courts


419B.135  Transferof case; transportation of child or ward




419B.150  Whenprotective custody authorized; disposition of runaway child taken intoprotective custody


419B.155  Protectivecustody not arrest


419B.157  Jurisdictionattaches at time of custody


419B.160  Placeof detention; record; parental notice required


419B.165  Releaseof child taken into custody


419B.168  Procedurewhen child is not released


419B.171  Reportrequired when child is taken into custody


419B.175  Initialdisposition of child taken into custody




419B.180  Shelterand detention facilities


419B.183  Speedyhearing required


419B.185  Evidentiaryhearing


(Placementof Child or Ward)


419B.192  Placementof child or ward; preference given to relatives and caregivers; writtenfindings of court required




419B.195  Appointmentof counsel for child or ward; access of appointed counsel to records of childor ward


419B.198  Responsibilityfor payment of costs related to provision of appointed counsel for child orward


419B.201  Compensationfor court-appointed counsel for child or ward under ORS 135.055


419B.205  Appointmentof counsel for parent or legal guardian


419B.208  Otherlaw applicable to appointment of counsel


419B.211  Motionto withdraw as counsel




419B.220  Appointmentof surrogate


419B.223  Dutiesand tenure of surrogate


(GuardianAd Litem for Parent)


419B.231  Appointment;hearing; findings


419B.234  Qualifications;duties; privilege


419B.237  Durationof appointment; compensation




419B.305  Whenhearing must be held; continuation; priority


419B.310  Conductof hearings




419B.325  Dispositionrequired; evidence


419B.328  Wardof the court; duration of wardship


419B.331  Whenprotective supervision authorized; conditions that may be imposed


419B.334  Placementout of state


419B.337  Commitmentto custody of Department of Human Services


419B.340  Reasonableor active efforts determination


419B.343  Recommendationsof committing court; case planning; plan contents


419B.346  Medicalplanning


419B.349  Courtauthority to review placement


419B.352  Hospitalization;mental health examination




419B.365  Permanentguardianship; petition; when filed; procedure


419B.366  Guardianship;motion; procedure


419B.367  Lettersof guardianship; reports by guardian; review of reports; legal status andliability of guardian


419B.368  Review,modification or vacation of guardianship order


419B.369  Guardianshipstudy; rules


(LegalCustodian of Child)


419B.370  Guardianshipas incident of custody


419B.373  Dutiesand authority of legal custodian




419B.376  Dutiesand authority of guardian


419B.379  Guardianis not conservator


(AuthorityOver Parents)


419B.385  Parentor guardian as party


419B.387  Parentparticipation in treatment or training


419B.389  Inabilityof parent to comply with order of court




419B.395  Judgmentof paternity or nonpaternity




419B.400  Authorityto order support; collection


419B.402  Supportorder is judgment


419B.404  Supportfor child or ward in state financed or supported institution


419B.406  Assignmentof support order to state


419B.408  Enforcementof support order


(Reportsby Guardians and Custodians)


419B.440  Circumstancesrequiring reports