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Chapter 190 — Cooperationof Governmental Units; State Census; Arbitration













190.003     Definitionsfor ORS 190.003 to 190.130


190.007     Policy;construction


190.010     Authorityof local governments to make intergovernmental agreement


190.020     Contentsof agreement


190.030     Effectof agreement


190.050     Feesfor geographic data; uses


190.070     Agreementchanging service responsibilities requires changes in tax coordinationresulting from change


190.080     Powersof intergovernmental entity created by intergovernmental agreement; limits;debts of entity; procedure for distribution of assets; rules


190.083     Countyagreements for transportation facilities


190.085     Ordinanceratifying intergovernmental agreement creating entity


190.110     Authorityof units of local government and state agencies to cooperate; agreements withAmerican Indian tribes; exclusion of conditions for public contracts


190.112     Agreementswith United States to perform security functions


190.115     Summariesof agreements of state agencies; contents


190.118     Indexof summaries




190.125     Agreementsto deliver water; joint board of control


190.130     Effectof ORS 190.125


190.150     Agreementsunder federal Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act




190.210     OregonDepartment of Administrative Services to maintain liaison with localgovernments providing services to state agencies


190.220     Stateto pay share of cost of intergovernmental and planning studies; limitation


190.230     Publicemployment status under various federal programs


(Furnishingof Services and Information)


190.240     Furnishingof services by state agency to federal and local governmental units


190.250     Furnishingcentralized accounting and data processing services to federal and localgovernmental units


190.255     Stateagencies’ sharing of business registration information




190.265     Intergovernmentalcorrections entities; purposes; powers; bonds; taxes




190.410     Definitionsfor ORS 190.410 to 190.440


190.420     Authorityof public agency to make agreements with public agencies in other states;contents of agreement; liability of public agency


190.430     AttorneyGeneral to review agreements; exemptions


190.440     Powersof public agency under agreement


190.470     Councilof State Governments declared a joint governmental agency


190.472     Mutualinterstate law enforcement assistance agreements


190.474     Reportsby out-of-state police officers


190.476     Delegationof supervision of police officers; agency liability


190.478     Effecton federal officers




190.480     Definitionfor ORS 190.480 to 190.490


190.485     Authorityof state agency to exercise authority jointly with nation or national agency ofother than United States; contents of agreements


190.490     Approvalof agreement by Attorney General; filing of agreement; rules; exemptions




190.510     Definitionsfor ORS 190.510 to 190.610


190.520     Annualestimate of population of cities and counties by State Board of HigherEducation; actual count


190.530     Revisionof certificate; effect


190.540     Effectof certificate of population; use in computing shares of state revenues


190.580     Rulesand regulations


190.590     Reportinginformation to board


190.610     Boardto establish program at state institution of higher education


190.620     Effectof corrected certificate on payments to cities or counties; adjustment ofpayments




190.710     Definitionsfor ORS 190.710 to 190.800


190.720     Agreementto arbitrate; costs


190.730     Submissionto regional office


190.740     Arbitrationrules


190.750     Selectionof arbitrators


190.760     Procedureduring arbitration


190.770     Subpoenaprocedure


190.780     Depositions


190.790     Relief;briefs; opinion; damages; filing of petition to confirm award


190.800     Vacation,modification and correction of award






      190.003Definitions for ORS 190.003 to 190.130. As used in ORS 190.003 to 190.130, “unitof local government” includes a county, city, district or other publiccorporation, commission, authority or entity organized and existing understatute or city or county charter. [1967 c.550 §2]


      190.007Policy; construction.In the interest of furthering economy and efficiency in local government,intergovernmental cooperation is declared a matter of statewide concern. Theprovisions of ORS 190.003 to 190.130 shall be liberally construed. [1967 c.550 §3]


      190.010Authority of local governments to make intergovernmental agreement. A unit of localgovernment may enter into a written agreement with any other unit or units oflocal government for the performance of any or all functions and activitiesthat a party to the agreement, its officers or agencies, have authority toperform. The agreement may provide for the performance of a function oractivity:

      (1)By a consolidated department;

      (2)By jointly providing for administrative officers;

      (3)By means of facilities or equipment jointly constructed, owned, leased oroperated;

      (4)By one of the parties for any other party;

      (5)By an intergovernmental entity created by the agreement and governed by a boardor commission appointed by, responsible to and acting on behalf of the units oflocal government that are parties to the agreement; or

      (6)By a combination of the methods described in this section. [Amended by 1953c.161 §2; 1963 c.189 §1; 1967 c.550 §4; 1991 c.583 §1]


      190.020Contents of agreement. (1) An agreement under ORS 190.010 shall specifythe functions or activities to be performed and by what means they shall beperformed. Where applicable, the agreement shall provide for:

      (a)The apportionment among the parties to the agreement of the responsibility forproviding funds to pay for expenses incurred in the performance of thefunctions or activities.

      (b)The apportionment of fees or other revenue derived from the functions oractivities and the manner in which such revenue shall be accounted for.

      (c)The transfer of personnel and the preservation of their employment benefits.

      (d)The transfer of possession of or title to real or personal property.

      (e)The term or duration of the agreement, which may be perpetual.

      (f)The rights of the parties to terminate the agreement.

      (2)When the parties to an agreement are unable, upon termination of the agreement,to agree on the transfer of personnel or the division of assets and liabilitiesbetween the parties, the circuit court has jurisdiction to determine that transferor division. [Amended by 1967 c.550 §5]


      190.030Effect of agreement.(1) When an agreement under ORS 190.010 has been entered into, the unit oflocal government, consolidated department, intergovernmental entity oradministrative officer designated therein to perform specified functions oractivities is vested with all powers, rights and duties relating to thosefunctions and activities that are vested by law in each separate party to theagreement, its officers and agencies.

      (2)An officer designated in an agreement to perform specified duties, functions oractivities of two or more public officers shall be considered to be holdingonly one office.

      (3)An elective office may not be terminated by an agreement under ORS 190.010. [Amendedby 1967 c.550 §6; 1991 c.583 §2]


      190.040 [Amended by1953 c.182 §2; 1957 c.428 §1; repealed by 1963 c.189 §3]


      190.050Fees for geographic data; uses. (1) An intergovernmental group mayimpose and collect reasonable fees based on market prices or competitive bids forgeographic data that have commercial value and are an entire formula, pattern,compilation, program, device, method, technique, process, database or systemdeveloped with a significant expenditure of public funds. An intergovernmentalgroup may enter into agreements with private persons or entities to assist withmarketing such products. Notwithstanding any other provision of law,intergovernmental group software product programming source codes, object codesand geographic databases or systems are confidential and exempt from publicdisclosure under ORS 192.502. Nothing in this section authorizes anintergovernmental group to restrict access to public records through inclusionof such records in a geographic database or system.

      (2)Fees collected under subsection (1) of this section shall be used:

      (a)For maintenance of the formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method,technique, process, database or system; and

      (b)To provide services through the formula, pattern, compilation, program, device,method, technique, process, database or system to public bodies paying aservice charge to the intergovernmental group.

      (3)As used in this section, “intergovernmental group” means two or more units oflocal government that have entered into a written agreement under ORS 190.010. [1991c.335 §2]


      190.070Agreement changing service responsibilities requires changes in tax coordinationresulting from change. (1) If any agreement entered into under ORS 190.010to 190.030 or 190.110 between or among units of local government includeschanges in service responsibility, that agreement shall set forth any changesin tax coordination resulting from the change in service responsibility.

      (2)This section applies to agreements entered into after September 29, 1991, andbefore January 1, 1996. [1991 c.396 §9; 1993 c.424 §3]


      Note: 190.070 wasenacted into law by the Legislative Assembly but was not added to or made apart of ORS chapter 190 or any series therein by legislative action. SeePreface to Oregon Revised Statutes for further explanation.


      190.080Powers of intergovernmental entity created by intergovernmental agreement;limits; debts of entity; procedure for distribution of assets; rules. (1) Anintergovernmental entity created by an intergovernmental agreement under ORS190.010 may, according to the terms of the agreement:

      (a)Issue revenue bonds under ORS chapter 287A or enter into financing agreementsauthorized under ORS 271.390 to accomplish the public purposes of the partiesto the agreement, if after a public hearing the governing body of each of theunits of local government that are parties to the agreement approves, byresolution or order, the issuance of the revenue bonds or entering into thefinancing agreement;

      (b)Enter into agreements with vendors, trustees or escrow agents for theinstallment purchase or lease, with option to purchase, of real or personalproperty if the period of time allowed for payment under an agreement does notexceed 20 years; and

      (c)Adopt all rules necessary to carry out its powers and duties under theintergovernmental agreement.

      (2)Except as provided in ORS 190.083, an intergovernmental entity may not levytaxes or issue general obligation bonds.

      (3)The debts, liabilities and obligations of an intergovernmental entity shall be,jointly and severally, the debts, liabilities and obligations of the parties tothe intergovernmental agreement that created the entity, unless the agreementspecifically provides otherwise.

      (4)A party to an intergovernmental agreement creating an intergovernmental entitymay assume responsibility for specific debts, liabilities or obligations of theintergovernmental entity.

      (5)Any moneys collected by or credited to an intergovernmental entity shall notaccrue to the benefit of private persons. Upon dissolution of the entity, titleto all assets of the intergovernmental entity shall vest in the parties to theintergovernmental agreement. The agreement creating the entity shall provide aprocedure for:

      (a)The disposition, division and distribution of any assets acquired by theintergovernmental entity; and

      (b)The assumption of any outstanding indebtedness or other liabilities of theentity by the parties to the intergovernmental agreement that created theentity.

      (6)An intergovernmental entity created by intergovernmental agreement under ORS190.010 may be terminated at any time by unanimous vote of all the parties tothe intergovernmental agreement or as provided by the terms of the agreement. [1991c.583 §4; 2001 c.840 §3; 2003 c.195 §7; 2007 c.783 §71]


      190.083County agreements for transportation facilities.