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Chapter     221.     Organizationand Government of Cities

                  222.     CityBoundary Changes; Mergers; Consolidations; Withdrawals

                  223.     LocalImprovements and Works Generally

                  224.     CitySewers and Sanitation

                  225.     MunicipalUtilities

                  226.     CityParks, Memorials and Cemeteries

                  227.     CityPlanning and Zoning



Chapter 221 — Organizationand Government of Cities











(Temporaryprovisions relating to annexation of certain industrial lands are compiled asnotes preceding ORS 221.005)


221.005     Legislativefindings; policy


221.010     Definitionsfor ORS 221.020 to 221.100


221.020     Authorityto incorporate


221.031     Petitionto incorporate; filing; form; contents; approval by adjoining city


221.032     Annexationduring pendency of incorporation


221.034     Incorporationof rural unincorporated community and contiguous lands


221.035     Economicfeasibility statement; contents


221.036     Inclusionof area within urban growth boundary in incorporation of rural unincorporatedcommunity


221.040     Hearingon petition to incorporate; order fixing date of election on approved petition


221.050     Incorporationelection; election of first city council; proclamation of results


221.061     Electioncosts


221.090     Termsof office of first city council


221.100     Validationof incorporation under prior laws


221.106     Prohibitionagainst signing by person not elector, signing false name or multiple signingof incorporation petition




221.110     Cityofficers; eligibility


221.120     Citycouncil; terms; vacancies; powers; meetings


221.130     Mayor;term; functions


221.140     Appointmentof municipal judge and other city officers; removal; compensation


221.145     Basingcompensation of city officers upon fines prohibited


221.160     Specialelections to fill council vacancies; appointment of council members when allpositions vacant


221.180     Procedurefor nomination of candidates for city offices


221.200     Lawgoverning elections in cities


221.210     Charteramendments and other municipal measures; initiative and referendum


221.230     Electiondates; procedure for emergency elections




221.275     Definitionsfor ORS 221.275 to 221.290


221.277     Violationof city parking ordinance; affirmative defense


221.285     Noticeof delinquent parking violation to rental company; effect when notice notgiven; effect of prompt payment of amount specified in citation; procedure tosubstitute renter as defendant


221.287     Recoveryof fine from renter or lessee of vehicle


221.290     Applicationof ORS 221.275 to 221.290


221.295     Ordinancesregulating placement or height of radio antennas


221.310     Effectivedate of ordinances, resolutions and franchises; emergency measures


221.315     Enforcementof ordinance and charter provisions; disposition of fines, costs and forfeitedsecurity deposit


221.330     Publicationor posting of ordinances; exceptions


221.333     Parkingordinance violation; mode of charging defendant; notice as complaint




221.336     Establishmentof municipal court


221.339     Jurisdictionof municipal court; prosecutions by city attorney


221.342     Methodby which municipal court becomes court of record


221.343     Methodby which municipal court ceases to operate as court of record


221.344     Registrationof municipal court; effect of registration


221.346     Enforcementof judgments of municipal court


221.351     Liensbased on municipal court judgment; recording judgment or lien; recording fee


221.352     Municipalcourt docket


221.353     Disqualificationof municipal judge for prejudice


221.354     Trialby jury in criminal cases


221.355     Agreementbetween cities for judicial services


221.357     Agreementfor judicial services to city by circuit court; powers of court underagreement; disposition of fines




221.359     Appealsfrom conviction in municipal court


221.360     Appealon issue of validity of charter or ordinance


221.370     Validityof charter or ordinance determined before merits


221.380     Appealby city from invalidating order; release of defendant during appeal


221.390     Trial,procedure and sentence in circuit court on appeal from municipal court






221.410     Powerof city to control local affairs; limitation of floating indebtedness


221.415     Municipalrights of way; use by electric utilities; power of city to regulate and imposecharges


221.420     Municipalregulation of public utilities


221.450     Privilegetax on public utilities operating without franchise


221.460     Durationof franchises, privileges and permits


221.470     Removalof structures on expiration of grant or franchise


221.475     Territoryannexed to city; limitation on electric service by municipal utility


221.485     Policyon vehicles for hire


221.495     Localfranchise authority over vehicles for hire




221.505     Policy


221.510     Municipalregulation of telecommunications carriers


221.515     Privilegetax on telecommunications carriers; maximum rate; deduction of additional fees




221.610     Disincorporationof cities; effective date


221.621     Disincorporationprocedure; petition; election


221.650     Propertyconveyed to county; cessation of corporate existence; records deposited




221.655     Privilegetax on distribution utilities; maximum rate; allocation of tax among customers




221.720     Situsof cities; jurisdiction of cities coextensive with boundaries


221.725     Saleof city real property; publication of notice; public hearing


221.727     Alternativeprocedure for sale of city real property; public notice and hearing


221.735     Continuationof collection service after incorporation; authority of city


221.750     Rightof cities to public areas not extinguished by adverse possession or statute oflimitations


221.760     Prerequisitesfor cities in counties over 100,000 population to receive revenues fromcigarette, gas and liquor taxes


221.770     Revenuesharing to cities; conditions for receipt; formula for distribution


221.785     Effectof challenge of validity of incorporation




221.862     “Historicghost town” defined


221.867     Fillingvacancies in all offices of members of city council of historic ghost town


221.869     Preferencefor appointment to city council of historic ghost town