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Chapter 358 — Museums;Historical Societies; Preservation of Historical and Archaeological Propertiesand Objects; Oregon Historic Families Database











358.015     Statepolicy to contribute to Oregon Historical Society


358.018     Dutiesof Oregon Historical Society




358.035     OregonHistoric Families database; duties of State Archivist




358.045     OregonTrail; comprehensive program for development


358.055     OregonTrail; promotion as major tourist attraction


358.057     Valueand significance of state historic trails




358.171     Electionto establish county historical fund


358.180     Taxlevy for county historical fund; limitation


358.190     Historicalfund not subject to Local Budget Law


358.200     Annualestimate of historical societies


358.210     Disbursementof county historical fund


358.220     Annualreport of expenditures


358.230     Terminationof tax levy for county historical fund




358.310     Definitionsfor ORS 358.310 to 358.405


358.315     Generalauthority of cities regarding public museums


358.320     Museumcommission


358.325     Termsof commission members


358.330     Chairpersonand secretary of commission; duties of commission regarding records, rules,reports and budgets


358.335     Vacancieson commission


358.340     Compensationof commission members


358.345     Authorityof city to establish and operate public museum


358.355     Acquisitionof site and structure for museum


358.360     Dutiesof museum commission respecting establishment of museum


358.365     Dutiesof museum commission respecting operation of museum


358.370     Paymentof expense of museum operation


358.375     Issuanceof bonds to acquire museum site and structure


358.380     Generalbond law applicable to museum bonds


358.385     Pledgeof museum revenues for payment of museum bonds


358.390     Revenuebonds and pledges of revenue not general obligations of city


358.405     Methodof settling disagreement where joint action of cities required




358.415     Definitionsfor ORS 358.420 to 358.440


358.420     Statusof property loaned to a museum; statute of limitations on recovery


358.425     Noticeof termination of loan; content


358.430     Procedurefor giving notice; responsibility of owner


358.435     Statusof title to acquired property


358.440     Noticeto lenders




358.442     Definitionsfor ORS 358.442 to 358.474


358.444     Creationof heritage district


358.446     Formationof multicounty heritage district


358.448     Heritagedistrict board


358.450     Electionof first heritage district board


358.452     Electionof heritage district board members; initiative and referendum


358.454     Resultof election at large or by zone; oath of office; vacancy; term of office


358.456     Choiceof election at large or by zone


358.458     Changein method of nominating and electing heritage district board members


358.460     Populationwithin boundaries of zones in heritage districts


358.462     Filingboundary change with county assessor and Department of Revenue


358.464     Dutiesof heritage district board


358.466     Powersof heritage district board


358.468     Heritagedistrict tax levy


358.470     Sinkingfund for acquisition of historic real property and restoration of historicbuildings or facilities


358.472     Legalcounsel for heritage district


358.474     Employees’retirement system




(Policyand Definitions)


358.475     Policy


358.480     Definitionsfor ORS 358.480 to 358.545




358.487     Applicationfor classification and special assessment as historic property; term ofassessment; fee


358.490     Reviewand approval of application; withdrawal; amendment of plan


358.495     Noticeof approval or disapproval; certification and plaque; review, hearing and finalorder


358.499     Limitationson classification and special assessment as historic property




358.500     Reportingrequirement; work approval




358.505     Determinationof specially assessed value, maximum assessed value and assessed value of historicproperty; appeals




358.509     Reviewof continued qualification of property by State Historic Preservation Officer


358.511     HistoricAssessment Review Committee




358.515     Lossof special assessment; notice




358.525     Impositionof additional taxes upon disqualification; exceptions


(Changeof Classification)


358.528     Applicationto change classification as historic property; withdrawal




358.540     Requirementsfor second term of historic property special assessment


358.541     Cityor county prohibition of second term




358.543     Assessmentof new construction and additions; condominiums


358.545     Rules


358.565     StateHistoric Preservation Officer




358.570     OregonHeritage Commission; establishment; terms of commission members


358.575     Commissionmembership


358.580     Selectionof chairperson; quorum; meetings


358.583     Purposeand duties of commission relating to museums


358.585     Rules


358.590     Advisoryand technical committees; reimbursement of commission member expenses;solicitation of funds


358.595     Coordinationof heritage activities; Oregon Heritage Plan; inventory of state culturalproperties




358.605     Legislativefindings