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§ 2501. Definitions TITLE 9Commerce and TradePART IIISales, Assignments and Secured TransactionsCHAPTER 67. PAY-PER-CALL SERVICES

§ 2501. Definitions

As used in this chapter:

(1) "Caller" means a person who accesses a pay-per-call service.

(2) "Interactive program" means a pay-per-call program that allows callers to choose between options or to communicate with other callers.

(3) "Pay-per-call service" means any passive, interactive, polling, conference or other similar audiotext service that is accessed through a telephone number and that generates an audiotext service related fee billed to a subscriber. "Pay-per-call service" does not include any conference service the price of which is established pursuant to a tariff approved by a regulatory agency.

(4) "Advertisements and promotions" include all forms of solicitation directed at prospective callers of pay-per-call services, including mailings and advertisements in newspapers, magazines, on radio and/or television.

(5) "Sponsor" means an individual, corporation, association, partnership or other entity that sells or offers to sell a pay-per-call service to a person in this state and on whose behalf charges are billed, but shall not include a public utility regulated by the state or the Federal Communications Commission or an interexchange carrier which provides transport or billing and collection services for a pay-per-call service unless the public utility or interexchange carrier actually produces or advertises the pay-per-call service. (Added 1993, No. 99, § 2.)