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Required action plan review panel — Membership — Duties — Timelines and procedures for deliberations.

(1) A required action plan review panel shall be established to offer an objective, external review of a request from a school district for reconsideration of the state board of education's rejection of the district's required action plan. The review and reconsideration by the panel shall be based on whether the state board of education gave appropriate consideration to the unique circumstances and characteristics identified in the academic performance audit of the local school district whose required action plan was rejected.

     (2)(a) The panel shall be composed of five individuals with expertise in school improvement, school and district restructuring, or parent and community involvement in schools. Two of the panel members shall be appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives; two shall be appointed by the president of the senate; and one shall be appointed by the governor.

     (b) The speaker of the house of representatives, president of the senate, and governor shall solicit recommendations for possible panel members from the Washington association of school administrators, the Washington state school directors' association, the association of Washington school principals, the achievement gap oversight and accountability committee, and associations representing certificated teachers, classified school employees, and parents.

     (c) Members of the panel shall be appointed no later than December 1, 2010, but the superintendent of public instruction shall convene the panel only as needed to consider a school district's request for reconsideration. Appointments shall be for a four-year term, with opportunity for reappointment. Reappointments in the case of a vacancy shall be made expeditiously so that all requests are considered in a timely manner.

     (3) The required action plan review panel may reaffirm the decision of the state board of education, recommend that the state board reconsider the rejection, or recommend changes to the required action plan that should be considered by the district and the state board of education to secure approval of the plan. The state board of education shall consider the recommendations of the panel and issue a decision in writing to the local school district and the panel. If the school district must submit a new required action plan to the state board of education, the district must submit the plan within forty days of the board's decision.

     (4) The state board of education and superintendent of public instruction must develop timelines and procedures for the deliberations under this section so that school districts can implement a required action plan within the time frame required under RCW 28A.657.060.

[2010 c 235 § 107.]

Notes: Finding -- 2010 c 235: See note following RCW 28A.405.245.