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§5-1C-3. Powers and duties of science and technology council.
(a) (1) The council shall consult with the board of trustees of the university system, the board of directors of the college system and with state business leaders in the exercise of its powers and duties, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

(A) Preparation of a comprehensive strategic plan and recommendation of programs in furtherance of the comprehensive strategic plan that will support and foster state science and technology research;

(B) Cooperation with appropriate state spending units to retain and enlarge existing state industries through technology expansion; and

(C) Formulation of plans to establish science and technology research centers at state colleges and universities.

(2) The council may seek public and private research grants and contracts, matching funds and procurement arrangements from the state and federal government, private industry and other agencies, in furtherance of its mission and programs.

(3) The council shall develop an initial comprehensive strategic plan that will support and foster economic growth in science and technology research and development in the state and shall provide the initial plan to the chief technology officer within the office of the governor and the joint committee on government and finance no later than the first day of July, one thousand nine hundred ninety-seven. The initial comprehensive strategic plan shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(A) A science and technology policy;

(B) The identification of strengths and weaknesses in the basic science resources and research capabilities in the state;

(C) The identification of methods that will coordinate and engender collaborative research efforts between research entities throughout the state, whether public or private;

(D) The designation of areas for potential scientific and technological development, including those related to and having a direct impact upon the economic development of the state;

(E) Recommendations on how to improve and strengthen the partnership between the private sector, institutions of higher education and government;

(F) Recommendations on how to improve the infrastructure for research and research training;

(G) Recommendations on a system to transfer technology to the private sector in the state;

(H) Recommendations on information systems that serve the effectiveness and efficiency of state spending units and higher education and further the overall management goals and purposes of government;

(I) Recommendations on a tracking system for special needs students enrolled in the public schools and state colleges and universities, and the programs and services provided for those students;

(J) Recommendations on legislative changes required to improve the overall science and technology environment in the state; and

(K) Other recommendations on science and technology policy and programs as appropriate.

(4) The strategic plan may be updated and refiled on or before the first day of July of each year. The council shall submit an annual work plan each year beginning the first day of July, one thousand nine hundred ninety-eight, to the chief technology officer and the joint committee on government and finance.

(b) In developing its strategic plan, the science and technology council shall utilize its resources as well as the technical support available to it through the university of West Virginia system, the state college system of West Virginia, the West Virginia development office, the West Virginia experimental program to stimulate competitive research (EPSCoR), federal and state agencies, and other appropriate organizations that have an interest in fostering science and technology research and development in West Virginia.

(c) The council shall undertake to keep abreast of state and national scientific and technological developments and work to establish, foster and successfully conclude university, college and other scientific research projects or clusters.

(d) To reduce and avoid duplication of research work and expenditures, the council shall, as a part of its comprehensive strategic plan, formulate methods that will coordinate and generate collaborative efforts between research entities throughout West Virginia, whether public or private, and foster synergistic relationships among them. Cooperating agencies may contract with the council, as provided in section four of this article, so as to participate in science and technology projects, jointly or through the programs of the council with other participating institutions, government units and private business firms.