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§16-29B-6. Information gathering and coordination; data advisory group.
(a) The board shall: Coordinate and oversee the health data collection of state agencies; lead state agencies' efforts to make the best use of emerging technology to effect the expedient and appropriate exchange of health care information and data, including patient records and reports; and coordinate data base development, analysis and reporting to facilitate cost management, utilization review and quality assurance efforts by state payor and regulatory agencies, insurers, consumers, providers and other interested parties. Agencies of the state collecting health data shall work together through the board to develop an integrated system for the efficient collection, responsible use and dissemination of such data and to facilitate and support the development of statewide health information systems that will allow for the electronic transmittal of all health information and claims processing activities of state agencies within the state and that will coordinate the development and use of electronic health information systems within state government. The board shall establish minimum requirements and issue reports relating to information systems of all state health programs, including simplifying and standardizing forms, establishing information standards and reports for capitated managed care programs to be managed by the insurance commission, and shall develop a comprehensive system to collect ambulatory health care data. The board is authorized to gain access to anyhealth-related data base in state government for the purposes of fulfilling its duties: Provided, That, for any data base to which the board gains access, the use and dissemination of information from the data base shall be subject to the confidentiality provisions applicable to such data base.

(b) To advise the board in its efforts under this section, the board shall create a data advisory group and appoint one of the board's members as chair of the group. The group shall be composed of representatives of consumers, businesses, providers, payors and state agencies. The data advisory group shall assist the board in developing priorities and protocols for data collection and the development and reform of health information systems provided under this section.

(c) The board's staff shall gather information on cost containment efforts, including, but not limited to, the provision of alternative delivery systems, prospective payment systems, alternative rate-making methods, and programs of consumer education. The board shall pay particular attention to the economic, quality of care and health status impact of such efforts on purchasers or classes of purchasers, particularly the elderly and those on low or fixed incomes.

(d) The board staff shall further gather information on state-of-the-art advances in medical technology, the cost effectiveness of such advances and their impact on advances in health care services and management practices, and any otherstate-of-the-art concepts relating to health care cost containment, health care improvement or other issues the board finds relevant and directs staff to investigate. The board staff shall prepare and keep a register of such information and update it on an annual basis.

(e) The data advisory group members shall be reimbursed from the board funds for sums necessary to carry out its responsibilities and for reasonable travel expenses to attend meetings.