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§16-2J-2. Definitions.
For the purposes of this article, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Dependent" has the same meaning set forth in subsection (d), section one-a, article sixteen, chapter thirty-three of this code;

(2) "Family" means a subscriber and his or her dependents; (3) "Medical home" means a team approach to providing health care and care management. Whether involving a primary care provider, specialist or sub-specialist, care management includes the development of a plan of care, the determination of the outcomes desired, facilitation and navigation of the health care system, provision of follow-up and support for achieving the identified outcomes. The medical home maintains a centralized, comprehensive record of all health related services to provide continuity of care;

(4) "Participating provider" means a provider under this article that has been granted a license under this article to operate as part of the pilot program;

(5) "Primary care" means basic or general health care which emphasizes the point when the patient first seeks assistance from the medical care system and the care of the simpler and more common illnesses;

(6) "Provider" has the same meaning as "ambulatory health care facility" set forth in subsection (b), section two, article two-d of this chapter or "private office practice" as set forth in subsection (a)(1), section four of said article;

(7) "Qualifying event" means loss of coverage due to: (i) Emancipation and resultant loss of coverage under a parent or guardian's plan; (ii) divorce and loss of coverage under the former spouse's plan; (iii) termination of employment and resultant loss of coverage under an employer group plan: Provided, That any rights of coverage under a COBRA continuation plan as that term is defined in section three-m, article sixteen, chapter thirty-three of this code, shall not be considered coverage under an employer group health plan; (iv) involuntary termination of coverage under a group health benefit plan except for termination due to nonpayment of premiums or fraud by the insured; or (v) exhaustion of COBRA benefits;

(8) "Subscriber" means any individual who subscribes to a prepaid program approved and operated in accordance with the provisions of this article, including an employee of any employer that has purchased a group enrollment on behalf of its employees.