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§16-3D-3. Compulsory testing for tuberculosis of school children and school personnel; Commissioner to approve the test; X-rays required for reactors; suspension from school or employment for pupils and personnel found to have tuberculosis.
(a) All students transferring from a school located outside this state or enrolling for the first time from outside the state shall furnish a certification from a licensed physician stating that a tuberculin skin test, approved by the Commissioner, has been made within four months prior to the beginning of the school year. If the student cannot produce certification from a physician as required by this section then the student shall have an approved tuberculin skin test done with the result read and evaluated prior to admittance to school.

(b) Test results must be recorded on the certification required by subsection (a) of this section. Positive reactors to the skin test must be immediately evaluated by a physician and, if medically indicated, X-rayed, and receive periodic X-rays thereafter, when medically indicated. Pupils found to have tuberculosis shall be temporarily removed from school while their case is reviewed and evaluated by their physician and the local health officer. Pupils shall return to school when the local health officer indicates that it is safe and appropriate for them to return.

(c) Notwithstanding any other provision of this code to the contrary, all school personnel shall have one approved tuberculin skin test at the time of employment performed by the local health department or the person's physician. Additional tuberculosis skin tests or other medical screens may be required by the local health department or Commissioner, if medically indicated. Positive reactors and those with previous positive skin tests are to be immediately referred to a physician for evaluation and treatment or further studies. School personnel found to have tuberculosis shall have their employment suspended until the local health officer, in consultation with the Commissioner, approves a return to work. School personnel who have not had the required examination will be suspended from employment until reports of examination are confirmed by the local health officer.

(d) The local health officer shall be responsible for arranging proper follow-up of school personnel and students who are unable to obtain physician evaluation for a positive tuberculin skin test.

(e) The Commissioner shall have the authority to require selective testing of students and school personnel for tuberculosis when there is reason to believe that they may have been exposed to the tuberculosis organism. School nurses shall identify and refer any students or school personnel to the local health officer in instances where they have reason to suspect that the individual has been exposed to tuberculosis or has symptoms indicative of the disease.