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§16-5B-6. State director of health to issue licenses; suspension or revocation.
The state director of health is hereby authorized to issue licenses for the operation of ambulatory health care facilities, ambulatory surgical facilities, hospitals or extended care facilities operated in connection with hospitals, which are found to comply with the provisions of this article and with all regulations lawfully promulgated by the department.

The state director of health is hereby authorized to suspend or revoke a license issued hereunder, on any of the following grounds:

(1) Violation of any of the provisions of this article or the rules and regulations issued pursuant thereto;

(2) Knowingly permitting, aiding or abetting the commission of any illegal act in such institution;

(3) Conduct or practices detrimental to the health or safety of the patients and employees of such institution; or

(4) Operation of beds or services not specified in the license.

Before any such license is suspended or revoked, however, written notice shall be given the licensee, stating the grounds of the complaint, and the date, time and place set for the hearing on the complaint, which date shall not be less than thirty days from the time notice is given. Such notice shall be sent by registered mail to the licensee at the address where the institution concerned is located. The licensee shall be entitled to be represented by legal counsel at the hearing.

If a license is revoked as herein provided, a new application for a license shall be considered by the director of health if, when, and after the conditions upon which revocation was based have been corrected and evidence of this fact has been furnished. A new license shall then be granted after proper inspection has been made and all provisions of this article and rules and regulations promulgated hereunder have been satisfied.

All of the pertinent provisions of article five, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code shall apply to and govern any hearing authorized and required by the provisions of this article and the administrative procedure in connection with and following any such hearing, with like effect as if the provisions of said article five were set forth in extenso in this section.