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State Codes and Statutes

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§16-5C-12. Administrative appeals for civil assessments, license limitation, suspension or revocation.

(a) Any licensee or applicant aggrieved by an order issued pursuant to sections five, six, ten or eleven of this article shall have the opportunity to request an informal and formal hearing at which the licensee or applicant may contest such order as contrary to law or unwarranted by the facts or both. All of the pertinent provisions of article five, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code shall apply to and govern such hearing and the administrative procedures in connection with any formal hearing.

The director may impose the following prior to or during the pendency of a hearing:

(1) A reduction in the bed quota pursuant to section eleven of this article;

(2) Transfer of residents and a ban on new admissions pursuant to section eleven of this article.

(b) Informal hearings shall be held within twenty working days of the director's receipt of timely request for appeal, unless the licensee or applicant aggrieved by the order consents to a postponement or continuance. In no event may the informal hearing occur more than thirty business days after the director receives timely request for appeal. At the informal hearing, neither the licensee or applicant nor the director may be represented by an attorney. Within ten days of the conclusion of the informal hearing, the director shall issue an informal hearing order,including a basis for the decision.

(c) If the applicant or licensee requested a formal hearing only, the director and the licensee shall proceed in accordance with the provisions of the department of health rules of procedure for contested case hearings and declaratory rulings. If the applicant or licensee also requested an informal hearing and if the order is not favorable to the applicant or licensee, the director shall notify the administrative hearing examiner of the request for an appeal within five business days of issuing the informal hearing order.