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§16-5O-2. Definitions.
As used in this article, unless a different meaning appears from the context, the following definitions apply:

(a) "Administration of medication" means:

(1) Assisting a person in the ingestion, application or inhalation of medications, including prescription drugs, or in the use of universal precautions or rectal or vaginal insertion of medication, according to the legibly written or printed directions of the attending physician or authorized practitioner, or as written on the prescription label; and

(2) Making a written record of such assistance with regard to each medication administered, including the time, route and amount taken: Provided, That for purposes of this article, "administration" does not include judgment, evaluation, assessments, injections of medication, monitoring of medication or self-administration of medications, including prescription drugs and self-injection of medication by the resident.

(b) "Authorizing agency" means the department's office of health facility licensure and certification.

(c) "Department" means the department of health and human resources.

(d) "Facility" means an ICF/MR, a personal care home, residential board and care home, behavioral health group home, private residence in which health care services are provided under the supervision of a registered nurse or an adult family care homethat is licensed by or approved by the department.

(e) "Facility staff member" means an individual employed by a facility but does not include a health care professional acting within the scope of a professional license or certificate.

(f) "Health care professional" means a medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy, a podiatrist, registered nurse, practical nurse, registered nurse practitioner, physician's assistant, dentist, optometrist or respiratory care professional licensed under chapter thirty of this code.

(g) "ICF/MR" means an intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded which is certified by the department.

(h) "Medication" means a drug, as defined in section one hundred one, article one, chapter sixty-a of this code, which has been prescribed by a duly authorized health care professional to be ingested through the mouth, applied to the outer skin, eye or ear, or applied through nose drops, vaginal or rectal suppositories.

(i) "Registered professional nurse" means a person who holds a valid license pursuant to article seven, chapter thirty of this code.

(j) "Resident" means a resident of a facility.

(k) "Secretary" means the secretary of the department of health and human resources or his or her designee.

(l) "Self-administration of medication" means the act of a resident, who is independently capable of reading and understanding the labels of drugs ordered by a physician, in opening andaccessing pre-packaged drug containers, accurately identifying and taking the correct dosage of the drugs as ordered by the physician, at the correct time and under the correct circumstances.

(m) "Supervision of self-administration of medication" means a personal service which includes reminding residents to take medications, opening medication containers for residents, reading the medication label to residents, observing residents while they take medication, checking the self administered dosage against the label on the container and reassuring residents that they have obtained and are taking the dosage as prescribed.