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§18-10M-4. Definitions.
Terms used in this article have the same meanings as those provided in the federal rehabilitation act, as follows:

(a) "Consumer control" means circumstances in which individuals with disabilities having decision-making authority.

(b) "Council" means the statewide independent living council.

(c) "Division" means the division of rehabilitation services.

(d) "Independent living services" means advocacy, independent living skills, training, information and referral, peer counseling, peer support and any other service directed by the state plan which may include, but is not limited to, the following:

(1) Assistive devices and equipment;

(2) Communication services;

(3) Counseling and related services;

(4) Community awareness programs to enhance the understanding and integration into society of individuals with disabilities;

(5) Environmental modifications;

(6) Family services;

(7) Mobility training;

(8) Personal assistance services;

(9) Prostheses and other appliances and devices; and

(10) Rehabilitation technology.

(e) "State plan" means the state plan for independent living required by the federal rehabilitation act of 1973, as amended.