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§18-2A-1. Definition; adoption groups; adoption schedule.

"Textbooks" includes books, instructional materials and learning technologies. "Instructional materials" means and includes systems of instructional materials, or combinations of books and supplementary materials which convey information to the pupil. "Learning technologies" include, but are not limited to, applications using computer software, computer assisted instruction, interactive videodisc; other computer courseware and magnetic media.

Textbooks adopted on the state multiple list must substantially cover the required content and skills for the subject as approved by the state board of education. Adopted materials must be current and information presented accurately.

On or before the first day of July, one thousand nine hundred ninety-two, the state board of education shall classify the elementary and secondary school subjects required to be taught in the schools of our state into adoption groups by related subject fields as nearly as possible. A schedule for the periods of adoption shall be determined by the state board of education: Provided, That magazines, newspapers and other periodicals may be purchased by a county board of education for classroom use to supplement those items adopted on the state multiple list without having to comply with the adoption procedures provided in this article: Provided, however, That magazines, newspapers and periodicals are considered to be textbooks for purposes of special excess levies subject to the provisions of section sixteen, article eight, chapter eleven of this code when the described purpose under that section is for textbooks. The state adoption cycle as to science and health textbooks shall not exceed six years and the adoption cycle as to all other textbooks shall not exceed eight years: Provided further, That the county textbook adoption committees may request a waiver of the maximum adoption cycles from the state board of education: And provided further, That during the school year beginning on the first day of July, one thousand nine hundred ninety-three, the state board of education shall make additional adoptions only in the subject of science, and if the county boards of education make additional adoptions and purchases, then those county boards may make purchases only in the subjects of science and health.