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§19-1A-4. Additional duties of the director of the division of forestry generally.
The division director shall encourage and assist in the location of new and expansion of existing wood products business and industry; stimulate and assist in the expansion of the forest industry; cooperate and act in conjunction with other organizations, public or private, the objects of which are the promotion and advancement of the wood products industry in this state. The division shall arrange for or conduct research in forest utilization and the marketing of forest products, affecting the industrial and commercial development of the state; shall correlate and interchange information and disseminate the results of such research; and shall, to the extent considered necessary, provide for or conduct additional research projects or pilot plant demonstrations of research results by cooperating with all appropriate existing educational, public and industrial institutions or agencies of the state.

The division director may exercise all powers necessary or appropriate to carry out and effectuate the purposes of this section, including the following powers, in addition to others herein granted:

(a) To cooperate with industrial development agencies in their efforts to promote the expansion of forest resources; and

(b) To pursue research and education related to forest resources and their multiple use, including conservation, management and utilization, evaluation of forest land use and the maintenance of the rural environment; the manufacture and marketing of forest products, the protection of recreation and aesthetic values, and the organization of technical advisory committees to assist in all or any other of these or any aspect of forestry.

The director shall study ways and shall advise the governor and the Legislature on all aspects of what is needed to:

(1) Improve the business climate for forest industries and the general awareness of forestry potential;

(2) Develop a strong state forestry agency;

(3) Improve forest resources data;

(4) Improve the transportation system for wood products; and

(5) Improve forestry knowledge and practices of private landowners.

(c) To accept and use gifts, donations or contributions from individuals, associations, corporations and to acquire by gift, lease or purchase real estate for purposes within the powers and duties of the division.

(d) To promulgate rules and regulations, subject to the provisions of chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, for the management of state forests and to implement the programs and policies of this article.