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§19-2C-6. Apprentice licenses; fees.

The department of agriculture may grant apprentice auctioneer's licenses to those persons considered qualified by the commissioner. Every applicant for an apprentice auctioneer's license must take and pass a written examination relating to the skills and knowledge and statutes and regulations governing auctioneers. Every applicant shall furnish to the commissioner on forms provided by the department satisfactory proof of the following:

(a) That he or she has a good reputation;

(b) That he or she is a trustworthy character; and

(c) That he or she is a citizen of the United States.

Any apprentice auctioneer may take the examination to become an auctioneer after serving a two-year apprenticeship under a licensed auctioneer: Provided, That if the apprentice auctioneer has attended a nationally accredited graduate school of auctioneering, approved by the commissioner, he or she shall serve an apprenticeship of only six months. Before an apprentice auctioneer may take the auctioneer's examination, the apprentice auctioneer shall conduct at least six auction sales under the direct supervision of the sponsoring auctioneer. The commissioner may waive the requirements of this section, on an individual basis, upon the presentation of written evidence that the applicant has educational training or exceptional experience in the auctioneering profession and that the applicant has been unable to obtain sponsorship by a licensed auctioneer: Provided, however, That the commissioner shall promulgate rules and regulations setting forth educational and experience qualifications which would entitle an individual to a waiver of the provisions of this section: Provided further, That the commissioner shall not waive apprenticeship requirements for any applicant without the concurrence of the board of review.

When any apprentice auctioneer is discharged or terminates his employment with an auctioneer for any reason, the auctioneer shall immediately provide written notification to the commissioner. No discharged or terminated apprentice auctioneer shall thereafter perform any acts under the authority of his license until such apprentice auctioneer receives a new license bearing the name and address of his new employer. No more than one license shall be issued to any apprentice auctioneer for the same period of time. The fee for the transfer of the license of an apprentice auctioneer to a new employer auctioneer is fifteen dollars.

The fee for the annual renewal of the apprentice auctioneer's license is fifty dollars. Bond requirements for an apprentice auctioneer shall be established by reasonable rules and regulations promulgated by the commissioner, and both the annual renewal fee and the bond must be filed with the department of agriculture: Provided, That the bond required by this section shall not be less than five thousand dollars. The department shall not issue an apprentice auctioneer's license until bond has been filed in accordance with this article. All apprentice auctioneer licenses expire on the thirty-first day of December of each year but are renewable upon the payment of the annual fee.