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§22C-2-5. Collection of money due to the fund.
(a) In order to ensure the timely payment of all sums due and owing to the fund under a revolving fund loan agreement between the state and a local entity, and notwithstanding any provisions of this code to the contrary, the authority has and may, at its option, exercise the following rights and remedies in the event of any default by a local entity under a loan agreement:

(1) The authority may directly impose, in its own name and for its own benefit, service charges upon all users of a project funded by a loan distributed to a local entity pursuant to this article and may proceed directly to enforce and collect the service charges, together with all necessary costs of the enforcement and collection.

(2) The authority may exercise, in its own name or in the name of and as the agent for a particular local entity, all of the rights, powers and remedies of the local entity with respect to the project or which may be conferred upon the local entity by statute, rule, regulation or judicial decision, including all rights and remedies with respect to users of the project funded by the loan distributed to that local entity pursuant to this article.

(3) The authority may, by civil action, mandamus or other judicial or administrative proceeding, compel performance by a local entity of all of the terms and conditions of the loan agreement between the state and that local entity including:

(A) The adjustment of service charges as required to repay the loan or otherwise satisfy the terms of the loan agreement;

(B) The enforcement and collection of service charges; and

(b) The enforcement by the local entity of all rights and remedies conferred by statute, rule, regulation or judicial decision. The rights and remedies enumerated in this section are in addition to rights and remedies conferred upon the authority by law or pursuant to the loan agreement.

(c) For loans made for projects defined in subdivision (6), subsection (f), section one of this article, at the direction of the Department of Environmental Protection, the authority shall take a security or other interest in real or personal property with the right to foreclose upon a default to secure loans made from the fund.