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§30-10A-7. Limitations of authority; responsibility; loss of certification; and board's disciplinary authority.
(a) A certified euthanasia technician may not practice euthanasia at any humane society, animal shelter or animal control facility which does not possess a current state controlled substance permit issued by the board of pharmacy and a current drug enforcement administration identification number issued by the drug enforcement administration.

(b) A certified animal euthanasia technician shall comply with the provisions of this article and any rules promulgated by the board under the authority of this article.

(c) The board shall immediately revoke the certification of an animal euthanasia technician if he or she:

(1) Is convicted of a felony;

(2) Is guilty of cruelty to animals; or

(3) Is guilty of any other act or omission which the board prescribes by legislative rule in accordance with article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code.

(d) The board of veterinary medicine may take disciplinary action against a certified animal euthanasia technician who is guilty of misconduct. The board may take disciplinary actions which may include, but are not limited to, the levying of fines or the suspension or revocation of the animal euthanasia technician's certification. Any disciplinary action by the board may not infringe upon the authority of any law-enforcement department or agency.

(e) If the board suspends or revokes the certification of an animal euthanasia technician under the provisions of this section, it is the sole responsibility of the humane society, animal shelter or animal control facility to replace him or her with a certified animal euthanasia technician.