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State Codes and Statutes

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§30-4A-8. Office Evaluations.

(1) The in-office evaluation shall include:

(a) Observation of one or more cases of anesthesia to determine the appropriateness of technique and adequacy of patient evaluation and care;

(b) Inspection of facilities, equipment, drugs and records; and

(2) The evaluation shall be performed by a team appointed by the Board and shall include:

(a) A permit holder who has the same type of license as the licensee to be evaluated and who holds a current anesthesia permit in the same class or in a higher class than that held by the licensee being evaluated;

(b) A member of the Board's Anesthesia Committee;

(c) Class II Certificate Holders may be audited periodically as determined by the committee; and

(d) Class III and IV permit holders shall be evaluated once every five years.