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State Codes and Statutes

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§30-5-2a. Records of board; expungement; examination notice;

public information.

(a) The board shall maintain a permanent record of the names of all pharmacists, interns and pharmacy technicians lawfully practicing in this state, and of all persons applying for licensure to practice, along with an individual historical record for each such individual containing reports and all other information furnished to the board concerning any applicant, pharmacist, intern or pharmacy technician.

(b) Upon a determination by the board that any information submitted to it is without merit, the report shall be expunged from the individual's historical record.

(c) Any licensee or registrant of the board or authorized representative thereof, has the right, upon request, to examine his or her own individual historical record maintained by the board pursuant to this article and to place into such record a statement regarding the correctness or relevance of any information in the historical record. These statements shall at all times be appended to and accompany any request for review or copies made of the portion of the record to which they refer.

(d) Orders of the board relating to disciplinary action against a pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or other license or registrant of the board are public information.