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§31-15-6a. Special power of authority to transfer funds; limitations; fund created; use of funds to provide customized job training program by governor's office of economic and community development.

(a) The Legislature finds and declares that in order to attract the new business and industry to this state and retain the business and industry in this state which provide the citizens of this state with economic security; to advance the business prosperity and economic welfare of this state and to assure a pool of qualified employees it is necessary that a training program exist to provide both unemployed and under-employed workers of this state a means to acquire or improve their working skills so as to insure availability of qualified employees that is fundamental for business and industry to prosper.

(b) The authority is hereby empowered to transfer to the special revenue fund herein created, a sum of money not to exceed two million five hundred thousand dollars, to be used by the governors office of community development to establish, administer and operate a customized job training program. The authority may only make transfers to said fund between the time period commencing with the effective date of this section and ending the last day of June, one thousand nine hundred ninety-one. Such transfers may only be made from repayments of principal amounts from loans made by the authority where such repayments of principal are available for such use and are not otherwise restricted. Transfers into the special revenue fund created above may be made at such times and in such amounts as the authority, in its discretion, deems reasonable: Provided, That the total amount of all such transfers may not exceed two million five hundred thousand dollars in the aggregate.

(c) There is hereby created in the state treasury a special revenue fund entitled the "Governor's Office of Community and Industrial Development Customized Job Training Program Fund." This fund shall consist of moneys paid into such fund in accordance with this section. Moneys in said fund shall be used by the governors office of community and industrial development to establish and administer a customized job training program to meet the needs of expanding business and industry or to create new jobs, and the governor's office of community and industrial development may make such withdrawals from this fund as required to establish and administer said customized job training program.