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§32A-2-22. Cease and desist orders.
(a) If the commissioner, upon information, has cause to believe that a licensee or other person is engaged in practices contrary to this article or the rules adopted under this article, the commissioner may issue an order directing the licensee or person to cease and desist the violation. A cease and desist order is appropriate in any case where the commissioner, upon information, reasonably believes that a principal or the licensee acting through any authorized person has:

(1) Violated or refused to comply with a provision of this article, a rule adopted under this article, or any other law or regulation applicable to a currency exchange, transportation or transmission business, or to the business of check cashing;

(2) Committed a fraudulent practice in the conduct of the licensee's business;

(3) Refused to submit to an examination;

(4) Conducted business in an unsafe or unauthorized manner; or

(5) Violated any condition of its license or of any agreement entered into with the commissioner.

(b) The commissioner shall serve notice and a copy of the cease and desist order on the affected party either personally or by certified mail, return receipt requested. Service by mail shall be deemed completed if the notice is deposited in the post office, postage prepaid, addressed to the last known address for a licensee or the person designated by the licensee to accept service in this state.

(c) The order shall include a statement of the alleged conduct of the licensee or principal which gave rise to the order, and set forth the facts and law on which it is based.

(d) A person is entitled to a hearing on the cease and desist order before the commissioner, or a hearing examiner appointed by him or her, if the person files with the commissioner a written demand for hearing within ten days after receiving written notice of the order, or within thirty days after the date of service, whichever occurs first. A person's right to a hearing as provided by this subsection shall be disclosed in the notice of service.

(e) Hearings and judicial review of any order shall be under procedures provided in sections one and two, article eight, chapter thirty-one-a of this code and procedural rules thereunder.

(f) The issuance of a cease and desist order under this section shall not be a prerequisite to the taking of any action by the commissioner or others under any other section of this article.