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State Codes and Statutes

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§32A-2-26. Deceptive name or advertising.
(a) A licensee who advertises the prices to be charged by the currency exchange or currency transmission business for services that are governed by this article shall specifically state in the advertisement all fees or commissions to be charged to the consumer.

(b) The commissioner may propose for legislative approval rules establishing requirements for the size and type of lettering a licensee is permitted to use in an advertisement for prices or rates.

(c) A person who violates this section or a rule adopted under this section commits an unfair and deceptive act or practice within the meaning of section one hundred four, article six, chapter forty-six-a of this code.

(d) A corporate licensee may not use the same name as, or a name deceptively similar to, the name of any domestic corporation existing under the laws of this state, or the name of any foreign corporation authorized to transact business in this state, except as otherwise provided by the commissioner or secretary of state pursuant to law.