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State Codes and Statutes

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§35-5B-5. Requirements for preneed cemetery company contracts.
A preneed cemetery company contract shall:

(1) Be written in clear understandable language and printed in easy-to-read type, size and style;

(2) Include the name and address of the seller, the contract buyer and the person for whom the contract is bought if other than the contract buyer;

(3) Contain a complete description of the property, goods or services bought, including an itemization of the retail price of the property, goods or services bought and, specifically, the retail price of the monument, marker, installation, foundation, opening and closing of the grave site, and any other charges. Failure to provide this information is a violation of subsection (f), section one hundred two, article six, chapter forty-six-a of this code, relating to unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices;

(4) Clearly disclose whether the price of the property, goods or services bought is guaranteed;

(5) Provide that if the particular property, goods or services specified in the contract are unavailable at the time of delivery, the seller shall furnish property, goods or services similar in size and style and equal in quality of material and workmanship, and that the representative of the deceased has the right to reasonably choose the property, goods or services to be substituted; and

(6) Be executed in duplicate and a signed copy given to the buyer.