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§36A-4-3. Contents of deeds of units.
Deeds of units shall include the following:

(a) The name by which the property is identified in the declaration plan and the name of the political subdivision and the ward, if any, and the name of the county in which the building is situate, together with a reference to the declaration and the declaration plan, including reference to the place where both instruments and any amendments thereof are recorded;

(b) The unit designation of the unit in the declaration plan and any other data necessary for its proper identification;

(c) A reference to the last unit deed if the unit was previously conveyed;

(d) The proportionate undivided interest, expressed as a percentage, in the common elements which is assigned to the unit in the declaration and any amendments thereof;

(e) In addition to the foregoing, the first deed conveying each unit shall contain the following specific provision:

"The grantee, for and on behalf of the grantee and the grantee's heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns, by the acceptance of this deed covenants and agrees to pay such charges for the maintenance of, repairs to, replacement of and expenses in connection with the common elements as may be assessed from time to time by the council in accordance with the Unit Property Act of West Virginia, and further covenants and agrees that the unit conveyed by this deed shall be subject to a charge for all amounts so assessed and that, except insofar as section five, article seven of said Unit Property Act may relieve a subsequent unit owner of liability for prior unpaid assessments, this covenant shall run with and bind the land or unit hereby conveyed and all subsequent owners thereof"; and

(f) Any further details which the grantor and grantee may deem appropriate.