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10.04 Newspaper selection and fees.


(1) Election notices required by law to be published may be published only in newspapers qualified under ch. 985.




(a) County clerks shall publish election notices in all newspapers published within the county that qualify under ch. 985 unless the county board provides otherwise by resolution.


(b) The board of election commissioners or governing body of a municipality may authorize by resolution the publication of election notices in more than one newspaper. The resolution may name the newspapers in which all election notices shall appear.




(a) Whenever, in chs. 5 to 12, provision is made for the publication of a notice on a specific date and a weekly newspaper is chosen, the notice shall appear in that newspaper's closest preceding issue. Whenever, in chs. 5 to 12, provision is made for the publication of a notice on the day before an election and the county or municipal clerk who is responsible for publishing the notice determines that, due to the method of delivering newspapers in the municipality, more effective notice will be provided by publication at an earlier date, the municipal clerk may publish the notice not earlier than 3 days before the election.


(b) Whenever, in chs. 5 to 12, provision is made for publication of an election notice by more than one insertion, this may be done (in counties over 200,000 population) by publication in one or more newspapers on the dates prescribed or in different newspapers at least equal in number to the number of insertions required. When different newspapers are used, the publications shall always be in each newspaper's latest issue preceding the last given date for publishing that notice.


(4) Compensation for publishing all notices may not exceed that authorized for legal notices under s. 985.08.

10.04 - ANNOT.

History: 1977 c. 427; 1979 c. 89; 1985 a. 304.