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10.53 Legislative reference bureau to correct listings.


(1g) In preparing each edition of the statutes for publication the legislative reference bureau shall, if the bureau finds that a conflict exists between the listings in ss. 10.62 to 10.82 and the substantive statutes to which those sections refer, correct the listing in this subchapter to properly reflect the intent of the substantive statute or of the act of the legislature on which the substantive statute is based.


(1r) For any correction made by the legislative reference bureau under the authority of this section, the bureau shall prepare a note explaining the correction that shall be printed with the affected listing in this subchapter.


(2) If the legislative reference bureau makes any correction under the authority of this section, the bureau shall incorporate the change in a correction bill to be submitted to the legislature at its next regularly scheduled meeting.


(3) Whenever a new act of the legislature requires a position or person to give an election notice or to perform a specific action in connection with any election, but such act fails to create an appropriate paragraph for inclusion within the listings in this subchapter, the legislative reference bureau shall create and print the appropriate paragraph in compliance with this section.

10.53 - ANNOT.

History: 1973 c. 334; 1991 a. 32; 2005 a. 149; 2007 a. 20.