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132.11 Record of brands, etc.


(1) The secretary of state shall do all of the following:


(a) Upon application by any person, or firm domiciled in this state or by any corporation created under the laws thereof, or by a foreign corporation licensed to do business therein and engaged in the manufacture or sale of ale, porter, lager beer, soda water, mineral water or other beverages put up in packages, record in a book kept for that purpose a description of the names, brand or trademark used by such person, firm or corporation for marking the casks, barrels, kegs, bottles, jugs, fountains, boxes or other packages containing such beverage.


(b) Collect a fee of $15 for each such description of name, brand or trademark which he or she is requested to record under par. (a).


(c) Cancel the description of a name, brand or trademark recorded under par. (a) upon the request of the person, firm or corporation named in the records of the secretary of state as the owner of the name, brand or trademark. The secretary of state may not charge a fee for canceling a description under this paragraph.


(2) Except as provided in s. 132.01 (6), nothing in this chapter is intended to be contrary to or to control or modify the provisions of this section.

132.11 - ANNOT.

History: 1989 a. 91, 123, 359.