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186.18 Dissolution. Upon a two-thirds recommendation of the board of directors, the members may vote to dissolve the credit union. If a majority of the total membership vote by ballot, in person or by letter or other written communication in favor of dissolution, and if not more than the greater of 15 members or 10% of the total membership, by written notice, vote against dissolution, the credit union shall be dissolved. If both the number of votes in favor of dissolution and the number of votes against dissolution are each less than 25% of the total number of members, the board of directors may, with the permission of the office of credit unions, mail to each member at the member's last-known address a written notice which states that the board's proposal to dissolve the credit union will be approved or disapproved at a special or annual meeting to be held at the time and place specified in the notice. The credit union shall be dissolved only if a majority of the members present at the meeting vote in favor of the board's proposal to dissolve the credit union. If the members vote to dissolve the credit union, a committee of 3 shall be elected by the members to liquidate the assets of the credit union. After assets are liquidated and debts paid, members shall be paid a liquidating dividend in proportion to their savings from remaining assets. The committee in charge of liquidation may sell or dispose of the assets in whole or in part at a public or private sale subject to confirmation by the board of directors and the office of credit unions.

186.18 - ANNOT.

History: 1971 c. 193; 1981 c. 156; 1995 a. 27, 151.