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194.05 Exemption.


(1) This chapter shall not apply to motor vehicles owned by the United States, any state, or any political subdivision thereof, except in the case of transportation systems acquired and operated between counties under s. 59.58 (3) (d) but in such a case the political subdivision is exempt from the annual permit fee under s. 194.04 (4) (a).


(2) The provisions of this chapter shall not authorize the fixing of any rates, charges or regulations respecting the transportation of United States mails.


(3) This chapter shall not apply to transportation of newspapers by motor vehicles having a gross weight of less than 8,000 pounds when any transportation for hire provided by the person who owns or operates the motor vehicle is confined exclusively to the transportation or distribution of newspapers within a radius of 50 miles of the point where the person or motor carrier receives the newspapers from the newspaper publisher or the publisher's drop-off agent or carrier.


(4) This chapter shall not apply to any farm truck or dual purpose farm truck combined with any semitrailer or farm trailer, or any vehicle combined with a horse trailer, if the vehicle combination's gross combination weight rating, registered weight, and actual gross weight do not exceed 26,000 pounds, the vehicle combination does not include a commercial motor vehicle described in s. 340.01 (8) (c) or (d), and the vehicle combination is operated solely in intrastate commerce.

194.05 - ANNOT.

History: 1973 c. 63, 259; 1977 c. 234, 447; 1993 a. 482; 1995 a. 201; 2005 a. 65.